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About us


Kalliope Technologies believes in teamwork. Only by utilizing the best thinking from every individual in a team environment can we create the richest and most innovative solutions. Some of the best minds and talent are a part of our team. We have a good balance of software engineers, web developers, content writers, business analysts, programmers, management graduates, graphic designers, customer service representatives and sales and marketing professionals.

Our technical professionals analyze and design solutions for clients from all over the world. The team of support staff joins hands in this activity of software business and work in tandem to achieve the organizations goals. The senior technologists of the organization proactively integrate new technologies into the team. The Finance, Marketing and HR departments complete the organization.


We work together in dedicated skill and knowledge pools like the technology pools, Java pool, content pool, web analytics pool, Linux pool and the development pool. The motto of pools is to excel in areas like research, training, developing, maintaining processes and offering consultancy services in their respective domains.

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