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Web Builder, Mobile Computing Software, e-Messenger, e-Chat


Apart from its wide array of services, Kalliope Technologies has developed a few products of its own that it believes to be very convenient to use for the end user.


We have the following products to our credit:


Website Builder


One of the problems with technology making huge strides is that the layman is increasingly perplexed by each new development. We have identified that a personal website is still a dream for many out there.
Our website builder makes it a reality that is just a few clicks away. We give people enough options to give their website a really personal look and feel. To all this, we can add a payment option to make it an e-commerce store.


Mobile Computing Software


We are now developing products for the mobile computing products using XML to solve a unique and challenging set of data collection and management problems. With the explosive rate at which the hand held device usage is growing, these products have a huge market.


Digital Organizer


Our online digital organizer has one unique advantage over all other digital diaries. It is equipped to give you reminders for every important appointment and event. It is also the most comprehensive package that allows you to store your most precious records and secure all your notes on your day-to-day dealings.




Our team has developed this astounding product. It helps you to chat with your friends, business associates, etc by using data communication links. It has been tested extensively and is being used by community portals. It is customizable to meet the client customized needs.




Although there are similar chat solutions available today, our e-Chat has many distinctive advantages over them. It is faster, easier to set up and, most importantly, bug free. It is being used by community portals and by corporate as a customer management tool

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