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Content Management System

Content Management System (CMS) is a combination of large database, File System, and other related software modules, which are used to store and later retrieve huge amounts of data. These systems are different from the databases in the sense that these can index text, audio clips, video clips, or images in a database.

Users of the content management system can find relevant content from within a database by searching for keywords, authors, date of creation, etc. Content Management Systems can also be used to create information portals, which serve as the backbone of data management. Along with the database handling facilities, the software modules also allows anyone to contribute information to a website via a graphical user interface (GUI). They are usually based on a pre-written template that acts as a platform for each page in the site as those pages are created.

There are three basic participants in the Content management system:

Content Editors (Decide what content to publish and where)
Content Publishers (Publish the content on the web)
Content Authors (Create the content for the web)

Mambos, Nucleus, CrownPeak are few of the content management system that can be used for everything from simple websites to complex corporate applications. The feature list include

Trash manager
Advertising management (banners, etc).
Media (images, documents) upload and management.
Content display scheduling.
Content syndication (RSS).
Search engine friendly (SEF) URL's.
Internationalization (interface translation).
Content macro language (aka mambots).
Advanced and separate system administration system.
Advanced package/add on/template deployment system.
Simple but powerful template system (written mostly in HTML, no complex
    templating syntax to learn, just a couple of PHP functions to include).
Hierarchical user access groups.
Basic visitor statistics.
Multiple WYSIWYG content editor support.
Simple polls.
Content voting/rating system. Null.

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