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You've got a professionally developed web site. Now What?

webmaster servicesBelieve it or not launching the site is just the beginning. A web site can get outdated within months! How can you maximize the potential of your site? To keep it up to date and fresh requires constant maintenance. That's where Webmaster services come in.

You will require Webmaster services in various areas:

1. Promotion
Why did you create your web site? To have an Internet presence? To generate new business? Well, putting up a web site is not good enough. No one will find it unless it is indexed with search engines like Google, Yahoo, AltaVista, MSN and others.

Web site promotion is not a one-time affair either. Being ranked on the 50th page doesn't help people find you. It requires submissions to search engines, evaluating rankings, checking statistics, tweaking of Meta tags and resubmitting till the rankings are high. Once high, the rankings don't stay that way either. Your competitor can take you out of your top rankings at any time.

Good tools for analysis are required to track the number of visitors on your site, identify the site’s doorway pages & key pages, keyword analysis and positioning changes. These tools may be integrated with your hosting server or you can use free or paid Application Service Providers like DeepMetrix, Counter Central, goldstats, hitbox etc.

2. Updating web site information
How do you give your web site a fresh and current look? One way is to keep the content updated and relevant. This should be done on a regular basis to ensure that your web site keeps pace with your business and presents accurate information to your visitors. You may find that some of the sites listed on your links page no longer exist. Broken links can reflect badly on your business. Outdated information will need to be updated on a regular basis. Remember some of your customers will only ever see your web site. The impression it leaves on them should be favorable to your business.

3. Maximizing the impact of your web presence on your business
Have a new and attractive offer? Display it prominently on your web site. Utilize your web site as a marketing tool to generate more business. Creating attractive banner ads may involve graphic design and copy writing skills. You may decide to use a small and attractive flash presentation for this purpose too.

4. Upgrading your web site
The best part of the Internet is that it allows you to publish almost immediately. Your web site is extremely flexible in that it allows you to test the waters and check out potential interest before spending too much time or effort. If something is doing well you can expand that area of your business. This would require constant analysis and creation of new web pages, content and graphics.

You may decide to start out with a simple static web site and continuously upgrade it as your business grows and you see returns on investment. You may also decide to develop certain areas of your web site to become dynamic and database driven requiring less human intervention on your part and allowing your visitors to interact with the web site. This may involve incorporation of detailed reporting facilities and advanced systems of data capture from your visitors. Ecommerce and online payment systems can also be added in phases.

5. Web site Redesign
Your web site may begin to look outdated. It's time for a new look, more user-friendly navigation, a more web savvy logo and easy-to-scan-through presentation of content. You may find that new graphic design and flash development will add to your users’ experience. If it's time for a redesign, this will require looking at your web site with new eyes, as a visitor would see it. Does it communicate? Is it effective? What are your goals for the web site? Are they being achieved? A redesign can sometimes be more complicated that the creation of a new web site. You will have to decide how much of the old site to use and how much to throw away. It's important to note that pages that are indexed with search engines should not be deleted or their URL changed.

 6. Stickiness?
What are you offering on your web site that will motivate visitors to come back again and again? You will need to constantly publish new and informative content on your web site. You may also decide to collect you visitor's e-mail addresses and send out newsletters on a regular basis. People will come back only if they sense a certain amount of activity in your web site pertinent to their interest. Writing, publishing and promoting new articles on your web site on a regular basis will also help you capitalize on the potential market.

Your web site is never really complete. There is always going to be something you can improve or update. Realizing this is going to help you truly maximize the potential of the Internet. As time goes by great new services and products are being offered which can help your web site become more effective as they would further enrich your users' experience. Keeping an eye out for these products and services and integrating them into your web site will go a long way towards helping your business succeed. Finding a competent web development and design company and signing up for webmaster services is an essential step to helping you achieve these objectives.

Maintaining a web site is a labor intensive, complex task which many organizations find difficult to resource. The workload is often not sufficient to justify a full time member of staff but can be too onerous for existing staff members to find time for in their work schedules. In addition, certain technical skills (HTML, ftp transfers, graphics compression, search engine promotion techniques, etc.) may not be available within the company.

That is our business and we can undertake Webmaster services for your web site. We can do this regardless of your geographical location, providing meticulous, professional services at hourly rates.
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